Fine Art

A little bit about me....

My name is Tracy Bodeo and my passion for photography began as a little girl when I was put in charge of the family camera. I was the one who took the pictures of important moments and I was the one who would talk my sister into dressing up and posing for me in the back yard. Besides pictures of my sister and our pets, I also took many photos of flowers and bugs. Even back then I enjoyed seeing what I could capture on film. In high school I took two black & white photography courses and joined the yearbook staff. It was there that I began learning how to turn snapshots into artwork.

In college and graduate school I majored in Biology and Entomology because of my love of animals and the natural world, but I also took as many art classes as I could fit into my schedule. In the years following I was able to take several more art and photography classes that helped to expand my creativity and technical photographic knowledge. I also completed my photography certification through the New York Institute of Photography. While working as a Naturalist for the Monmouth County Park System and in my free time, I began using photography as a tool for "collecting" wildlife. However, the birth of my children and the adoption of my many pets renewed my passion for portrait photography. In 2006, in Bethlehem, PA, I opened tracy bodeo photography, specializing in children and pets. A lot has happened since then, but my love for photography, science and the natural world continues. I am currently working on a photo book while I teach science in Greenville, SC. Feel free to get in touch with any questions about my photography or pet portrait sessions.